BP&RGP Selects Laura Fisk as General Election PPC for Burnley

3 May 2017

We are pleased to announce that Laura Fisk has been selected as Green Party candidate for Burnley in the general Election on June 8th


Laura Fisk PPC for Burnley in 2017Laura wants to stand up for the people of Burnley, offering something different to the other parties. She cares passionately about the town and its people, and has been working hard all year round with the Green Party team, trying to make a difference to local people's lives.

Laura is a healthcare worker, and has worked for the NHS all her working life. She has seen the impact of government cuts on her colleagues' and her patients' lives, and vows to work tirelessly towards reversing this damage.

Why vote for Laura?

As a healthcare worker, Laura realises the importance of a fully funded and properly resourced NHS and social care system. She believes that the NHS needs to be fully accountable to the public. If elected, she can be relied upon to make decisions that put the NHS first, keep it in the hands of the public, and make sure it's properly resourced.

Laura is active in the community throughout the year, not just at election time, volunteering energetically in local litter picks and attending to residents' inquiries. If elected, she can be counted on to do even more, raising issues with governmental bodies and fighting for residents' needs.

Laura does not believe in politics-as-usual. She is independently-minded and takes care to listen carefully to what people tell her. As a Green Party candidate she is not controlled by the ‘whip system’ (that forces all mainstream parties to ‘toe the party line’). The whip system makes a mockery of the constituency link. Laura would be able to directly represent local views without Party interference – she believes in a democracy that works for the people, not the political elite. If elected, she can be relied upon to fight to upgrade our democracy and ensure that people's voices are actually heard.

Laura has benefited from flexible work, but understands the stresses of not having a reliable income to depend on. If elected, she pledges to work to ensure that zero hours contracts are used to favour of the employee, not the employer.

If you want to see:


  • a fairer society, that works for everyone

  • fair funding of the NHS and other vital services

  • corporations pay a fair portion of tax

  • an effective democracy so that everybody's voice is heard

  • no child going hungry – or uneducated

  • everyone benefit from a clean and safe environment

... then join the Green Party by voting for Laura Fisk in this General Election.


You can contact Laura Fisk by email at: