Our Campaign to highlight traffic safety.

5 March 2016

20 Is Plenty campaign image


Members of Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale teamed up with residents near Scott Park for a morning of action against speeding on Scott Park Road.  

Scott Park Road is designated 20MPH and yet cars use the road, together with St Matthews Street which is also 20MPH, as a rat run. Children using the park, neighbours with dogs and vulnerable people are particularly at risk from excessive speed. 

The 20 is Plenty campaign sought to raise awareness for drivers. Andy Fewings, Green Party member and Trinity ward campaigner, said:

“The signage in the area isn’t particularly good and so a lot of drivers don’t even realise the area is 20MPH. 

The campaign was really effective as you could see people slowing down once they saw the speed limit. 

It was encouraging to receive waves, smiles and beeps from drivers as well as a warm welcome from residents, who have had to put up with speeding without help from the Council for too long”



Since this action day, Scott Park Road has been added to a rotation to receive an electronic speed sign. The sign tells drivers their speed and notifies them when they are speeding. It has been warmly welcomed by the local residents.